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Holiday Party - December 2012







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Date Events
Apr  2013 Mardi Gras Performance
Nickel City, NY  2013
Dec 2012 Santa Comes to Class
Apr 2012 Suitcase Dance Production
Nickel City, NY  2012
Apr 2011 Step In Time - Performance  
Nickel City, NY   2011
Apr 2011 Shane Inducted in Hall of Fame  
Nickel City Workshop, NY 
Apr 2010 Tribal Warriors Perform  
Nickel City , NY  2010
Dec 2009 December Fun
Oct 2009 Tilson Street
Oct 2009 Spooky Halloween Fun
  Shane Gang Performance Clips
Oct. 2008 Halloween Party

Feb 2009

Cruise the Caribbean Slide Show
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Nov 2008 Shane Gang Goes to California Nationals
Oct 2008 A Very Scary Story
Aug 2008 Darn Good Spoutin' Fun !
Funny Practice Clips
Aug 2008 Sterling Fest Demo
June 2008 Detroit International Festival
 of the Arts

May 2008

Memorial Day Picnic at Dave's
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May  2008

Sterling Heights Memorial Day Parade        
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May 2008

Joyce's Surprise Birthday Party
Mar 2008 Schoenherr Towers & Bridge Club
Mar 2008 YMCA Fund Raiser Demo
Dec 2007 A Christmas Performance

Dec 2007

Holiday Dinner 
Dec 2007 Rochester Christmas Parade
Nov 2007 Marsha's Surprise 50th Birthday Party

Oct 2007

Nightmare on Tillson Street
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Oct  2007 Spooky Halloween Party
2007 Summer Demos
2007 Summer Parades
Aug 2007 Sterling Fest Demo
June 2007 International Institute Demo - Slide Show
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2004 - 2005 For the Love of Clogging


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