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The images, text, html, logos, and information (Content), created for the web site, is the property of the Shane Gang Cloggers.

If you wish to use or distribute any of this Content, please obtain our permission by first contacting us at

Cue Sheets

All cue sheets displayed on the web site, are protected under U.S. copyright laws.  Cue sheets, choreographed by Shane Gruber, are the property of the Shane Gang Cloggers.  They are intended for individual and/or class reference and may be duplicated and distributed, unaltered, for such purposes.  Duplication, distribution, or altering of these cue sheets, for purposes other than described here, is strictly prohibited without the written consent from Shane Gruber or the Shane Gang Cloggers.

3rd-Party Content

Cue sheets, choreographed by authors other than Shane Gruber, and any other clogging information, sponsored outside of the Shane Gang Cloggers, such as workshop or vendor information, are considered to be 3rd-party Content.  For permission to use or distribute any 3rd-party Content provided here, please contact the respective owners of such Content.  We cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement of 3rd-party Content.

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Should you have questions or concerns about this Copyright, please contact  the Shane Gang Cloggers at


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